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Puppet toy factory was founded in 1996, registered capital 10 million yuan, more than 2,000 employees, located in China's newly rising commercial logistics in Hunan, is a 22-year OEM processing experience. Set mold development, injection molding, painting spray, assembly & packaging, shipping in one of the plastic toy manufacturers, electric toy manufacturers, UAV toy manufacturing modern processing enterprises. Our main products include plastic toys, cartoon dolls, electronic toys, water guns and ejection outdoor toys. Products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, Australia, Canada, the Middle East and other countries.

  Our factory has been engaged in the customization of plush toys, drawings and samples, professional customization production capacity, plush toy dolls, genuine animation image dolls, authorized dolls, pillows, daily necessities, automotive peripherals, key fasteners and accessories, event gifts, corporate mascots, OEM ODM customization, etc.